scales are demons sent to torment us

I had a weigh in yesterday and weighed in almost 2kg’s more than when I started training. Now I know all about that whole “muscle weighs more than fat” saying and I also know it’s true but I still can’t help being conditioned to feel bleh about the scales numbers. It’s hard to shrug off a habit.

then and now

March 30th 74.2kg’s – June 19th 75.6kg’s

Thankfully I was convinced to take progress photos… yeah, CONVINCED because I mean seriously – who the heck wants to take pictures of their flabby belly. But I am beyond glad I did because even though the stupid scale is tormenting me I can SEE the change and that is so much better! I feel a billion times more motivated to keep going.

I don’t know how to work out the whole body fat percentage and stuff like that so from here on out I’m going to be going solely on picture updates and cm’s, no more weigh in’s. I’ll get on the scale again when I have a set up abs that you can wash laundry on ;)

Benefits I’ve noticed since starting training (other than toning up) is that my mood swings are less erratic and violent and my migraines are also less frequent. My back is also not giving me as much issue as it usually does (old horse riding injury) either.

So if you’re on a journey to fitness do yourself a favour and TAKE PHOTOS even if you don’t want to, you don’t need to share them with anyone but you will appreciate it when you can put them side by side for yourself. I regret not taking photos when I started in back January.


15 thoughts on “scales are demons sent to torment us

  1. Hey, you look amazing! I joined a group on FB called Sleek Girls, kind of a spin off from Sleek Geek which is a type of weight loss group. They run challenges a few times a year kind of like biggest loser and you can win great prizes. The next one is starting on Monday next week and I think I am going to enter. The girls group is great as there are a lot of success stories and they are always trying to motivate each other and the group is closed so nobody not in the group can see anything posted there. Let me know if you are interested in joining and I’ll invite you(only way you can join).

    PS I see you have a birthday party coming up soon. Mitchell is on the 29th July, I was thinking maybe you could make him a cake? Not sure what I want yet but we can discuss.

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