lego, tiaras and complicated bus schedules

Some days are just more brilliant than others, today was a brilliant day but for silly and small reasons and for the people who made it so.

Got a lift to the Huggies #choosepinkorblue breakfast at the Mount Nelson with @Tash_Wen and spent the morning having more fun than a kid at a birthday party! I stole lego (with help from @Lauren_RSA) from all the tables and built a little lego family that included a mom, two kids, a dog, a cat, a tree and a house! Okay so you had to sort of squint a bit and use your imagination but it was fun and I did it while rocking a tiara.

I’ll emphasize on the reason behind the breakfast as soon as Huggies posts photos from the event.

After the breakfast I walked from the Mount Nelson in Gardens to the sailing Academy in Table bay (still wearing my tiara!), then from the academy down to the waterfront to do shopping for Shamus and then I grabbed the bus back to Table View but I got so damn confused with all the feeder buses that I ended up giving up and just walking from bayside to mums place – clocking 7.64km of walking!
It’s amazing how much of your city you miss when you buzz through it in a car. I saw, smelt and heard things on my walk that I didn’t even know where there. Next time I’ll take photos, this time I just enjoyed it. (Will also wear either no shoes or at least a comfortable pair).


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