suck and sweet time

So my ego took a little hit this morning, okay I lie. It took a HUGE fucking hit this morning.
I went to a job interview at Discovery Medical for a pre auth position, I did the initial interview at the recruitment agency on Monday but decided not to post anything until I knew what was what. I passed the prelim interviews with flying colours and even though I haven’t done Anatomy and Physiology in years I aced that as well (better than any of the other applicants actually) and was warned that today’s interview would be very much the same with yet another Anatomy and Phys test…

I prepped, I prepped HARD.
I can draw the fucking layers of the skin, the organs and every frigging nerve in the body again.

Yeah so turns out that the test wasn’t Anatomy and Physiology, it was on surgical procedures…
I failed, I failed HARD.

But I had my little cry session, I screamed and yelled and moped about how unfair it is because this job would so have been the answer to a lot of prayers, an umbrella during rainy times, then I phoned shamus and he gave the whole fatherly speech about how he kinda figured it was for something a little above my knowledge but that I should take it as a learning curve and move on.

It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about screaming with the thunder, running with the lightning and learning to dance in the rain.

So I’m moving on. As they say, things happen for a reason. Not sure my bank is going to agree with that when all my debit orders bounce at the end of the month (because hey hey Eskom cut the power and I had to use the cash I stashed away for debit orders to have that sorted out) but… the great news is that at least I won’t be in the country when the bank phones me about said bounced payments.

Why won’t I be in the country? Because the same way every sweet has it’s suck every suck also has a sweet and my sweet happens to be that I am flying to Pemba (Mozambique) on Monday to join the Pemba to Harare leg of the Ford South Africa Ranger Odyssey (all expenses paid – will blog about it in more detail really soon). My sweet is fucking sweet and I’m going to concentrate on that right now instead of the suck of still not having a paying job because positivity breeds positivity and vice versa.


3 thoughts on “suck and sweet time

  1. how can they give a test on surgical procedures and expect people just “to know stuff”. STUPID. They;ll be doing themselves out of a large number of extremely competent people, I’ll bet.

    • maybe, but I also seemed to be the only one there not a nurse or such as well and they all knew the procedures or at least enough to get through the test. Had I known I’d have spent the past 3 days prepping procedures instead but oh well, no point in dwelling on stuff that cannot be changed.

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