Review – Despicable Me 2

Thanks to @mydarkestdiary Fysh and I were treated to tickets to see the media screening of Despicable Me 2 (in 3D) on Tuesday evening which starts at cinema’s tomorrow.

The first film ended with reformed Russian supervillain Gru settling down with his trio of adopted daughters. In the sequel he’s still trying to go straight, with an unpromising business making jellies and jams in the pipeline. The MI6-style Anti-Villain League, however, has other plans. Enter goofy secret agent Lucy to whisk Gru into a madcap scheme to take down an unidentified new super criminal with dastardly plans for Gru’s cute, cackling horde of canary-yellow minions. (My favourite is that he goes undercover as a cupcake business owner!)

As you know I absolutely ADORE the minions! And plan on going to see them taking Fysh to see them tomorrow (they’ll be at the two oceans aquarium). They didn’t disappoint in the sequel, actually I think they played an even bigger role in this one. Right down to the closing-credits ‘audition’ for their upcoming spin-off feature, the frantic antics of these critters are scarcely disguised as the film’s main attraction (and who can blame them?!). The human activity, including Gru’s dating debacles, his and Lucy’s romance, Agnes’s birthday party and poor Margo’s heartbreak is strictly to get us from A to, well, A. The kids won’t mind and the parents will be as charmed or annoyed – or, maybe, both – as they were the first time.

The sequel is a lot more adult than it’s predecessor, as most kids films are these days, and touches on subjects like dating when you’re a single parent (been there, failed at that), first dates and really bad first dates but Fysh sat through the entire movie without moaning so don’t be worried that it’s over their heads :)

despicable me 2Disclaimer – we got to go see the movie before it’s release date in exchange for the review

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