going on a roadtrip

ranger odysseyA serious one, no mini cross country roadtrips… this time it’s a cross counties (yes as in plural) roadtrip!
I was asked to join the Pemba to Harare leg of the Ford Ranger Odyssey, a week of roughing it in Africa? Seriously?! How could I say no to that?! So I didn’t, instead I think my response was something along the lines of HELL YES!

I originally wanted to wait to blog about it till I had the ticket confirmations so now that I have them I want to stand on the roof and wave them at anyone who passes by. But I just heard that instead of flying to Pemba (Mozambique) on Monday we’ll be flying to Lusaka (Botswana) instead due to the unrest in Mozambique. So I’m going to have to toss away my tickets and wait for the new ones to arrive before I climb up on the roof…

I can only imagine the PR nightmare happening for them at the moment, us flying to Botswana means the entire route has had to change. OUCH! At the moment I don’t know what the new route is going to be at all but when I do I’ll let you know and if I don’t find out till I’m there then I guess you’re going to have to wait till I’m back.

Apparently there is internet for us but with Africa being, well, Africa it’s spotty at best so I may or may not be able to blog while I’m there. A week of no social media *gasp* I might need to be booked into an institute for withdrawls! But I am seriously looking forward to the break. I have all my malaria stuff packed (though I might not need it now that we’re going to Botswana instead) my batteries are charged, I have 4 music players charged and loaded, even dragged out my kindle and loaded it with books as it’s battery lasts longer. My trainer sorted out a program for me so I won’t get lazy while I’m not here to train. I’m ready to go! Now all I need is a onesie :P

Thanks Ford, again – you’re fucking awesome!
You’ll be able to follow my week adventure on their website: Ranger Odyssey
If I can you know I’ll blog, instagram, tweet and FB everything!


One thought on “going on a roadtrip

  1. My friend is busy doing the PutFoot rally which was supposed to end in Mozambique on Friday and they are being rerouted to Botswana as well. I wonder if the 2 rallies cross paths?

    I hope you have a blast! So envious.

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