Mulishani from Zambia!

So for starters let me just give you a little heads up: if you’re travelling to Zambia you need to have a yellow fever vaccination, seriously because they won’t let you check in to your flight unless you have that little document – learnt this the hard way… i.e. I stood in the hour long queue to check in only to get told nope no document no flight. Enter a frantic run to the airport clinic for the shot (it should be known that airport clinics could have a career in extortion).


After getting the shot and finally checking in (and trying not to pass out – I had a reaction to the vaccination and went full on cold sweats and nausea) it was off to passport control and then the mad dash to the terminal we needed to be at. Personally I think someone needs to organise a race inside OR Tambo airport… It’s big enough!

The flight went smoothly and being bumped up to business class completely made up for the yellow fever debacle.


Ever travelled to an African country? One that isn’t South Africa I mean? Border control… Wow, yeah, it’s an adventure all on it’s own I tell you! We stood in a sort of half finished building with roughly 200 other weary travellers waiting to get their fingerprints done and passports stamped in an unairconditioned room for over an hour. I now know what cattle feel like.


Finally making it through we had a bit of a struggle finding who we were meeting as we didn’t know what hotel we were in and sadly the staff of the hotel we are at should simply not be in the service industry. Never been one to care about how fancy a place is so long as the service doesn’t seem like a chore to everyone.

@BlackTieAffaire and I decided that instead of spending the rest of the day loading around the hotel pool like we originally planned we were going to put foot and do some site seeing. Taxi drivers are the same every where btw.


I’ll admit I felt a little out of place, it’s never more blatantly obvious that you could be caspers cousin than when you’re the only white person around. Guess it doesn’t help I was wearing shorts either haha!


We decided to find a local eatery for dinner instead of the hotel food, when in Rome and all that… We came up short for a while but finally found a super friendly local after somehow stumbling upon the squash club. Turns out he’s a pro squash player and he happily played tour guide for us.

Just before leaving Cape Town I mentioned to Shamus that for this week I am going to try everything, be it worms or scorpions or bungee jumping at vic falls. Well, that came into play when our guide took us to one of those places that only locals know about and we got the local beer and goat. Yes, goat!!! I didn’t enjoy it, kinda tastes like kidneys but I can say I tried it!


Then got my ass to the hotel gym… Can’t get lazy while I’m here you know ;)
Tomorrow we head back to the airport at 05:30 and meet up with Colin so we can officially join the Ranger Odyssey! I might not be able to blog again for a while but I’m taking notes and will do back posts.


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