Lusaka – Chobe National Park


It’s officially day one of our Odyssey journey, well technically so anyway (they fetched us to join up with the crew and contestants this morning). The original plan was to drive from Lusaka to Livingstone and camp there for the night but we arrived with time to spare so pushed through to cross the Zambezi before the last ferry left and the sun set.

The view has been pretty much the same the entire drive and it reminds me a lot of the long drive we used to do from Luderitz to Paternoster and back in the days when Namibia was home and we would visit my grandparents for the summer holidays. It’s long stretches of nothing but dead trees and open roads flecked with a bus or truck and dotted with a few cows and dead looking trees.

The Zambezi though… I took off my shoes and went to stand in it despite people trying to scare me with tall tales of crocodiles and hippos. If this is what the border crossing looks like I can only imagine the falls themselves. (If you look in the video you can see me missioning about in the river)

zambezi crossing

The contestants are currently being asked what it is that they miss most about home and the answers are ranging from things like sushi and their girlfriends to their kids and other things. I know that if asked the correct answer would be Fysh of my family but at this point in time I’m glad no one is asking me because in all honesty standing here with my bare feet in the Zambezi watching as the sun sets to my right my answer would be “absolutely nothing”.zambezi feet

No camping happening tonight, we’ve (everyone on the trip) been booked into the Toro Lodge as everywhere else is fully booked (what happens during school holidays). Lodge is decent though with so few rooms available the sharing situation is laughable, I think there are 5 guys in a two man room at the moment – someone should set up a gopro in there, it could get interesting.

And so typically saffa: a braai with baked potatoes, steak and salad are on call for dinner tonight and I can at least say I had a hand in helping make the potatoes. The rest though – hats off to the chefs, though those steaks looked a little like they might walk off the plates if given an iota of a chance.

The thing about joining something like this pretty much halfway through is that you feel somewhat like the only sober person at a keg party; people have had time to bond and form friendships. Not that anyone was unaccommodating or unfriendly, you just get this feeling that you’re trespassing.

Ever played “let’s go fishing” before? Yeah… my advice to you is never play it with real fishermen. I was so hooked on the “fishing” part that for the life of me I simply couldn’t catch on to the actual jist of the game. I eventually gave up and went to butter rolls.


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