I never really understood why my Mom ventures off on her hikes every other weekend or why she goes on those week-long hiking trips once or twice a year. I love going hiking with friends but seeing as I take my son with me when I do it just never made sense why she would enjoy them so much.

Until I joined a fighting gym that is… I now attend boxing and Muay Thai classes twice a day. In the beginning I told myself it was to get fit and lose weight, but I’ve come to realize that this exercise is a form of escapism. It’s roughly 2 hours a day where I can shut out all my stress and worries, where I can channel those fears and doubts into something more productive. And even though I take my son along to classes to play with the other kids… during the actual class, when your mind is focused, when your muscles are straining and you’re defying your body’s natural instincts to run from a hit, everything is different!


The tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, esp. by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

I get it now, Moms hiking, that is. That’s her hobby, that’s her escape. It’s her way to breathe life a little differently, to step back and into her own head, to just be.

A sport / hobby doesn’t need to cost you anything (we all know how tight finances are in the real world); you can go run on the road, you can go hike with a friend or you can grab a blank page and draw or write. Maybe your escape is to sit on the beach and listen to the waves, take photos of the people walking past or to read a good book.

So I’m urging you to find your hobby, your escape, your release… Whatever that might be.
I’m challenging you to put an hour aside a day for YOU! Not for your kids or your spouse, just YOU! Even if it means waiting till the entire house has gone to bed and sneaking into the kitchen to eat peanut butter out the jar or soak in the bath…


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