Pity party for one, your table is ready

I has a bug…
A nasty bug that’s crawled on up into me and given me the sick

Woke up yesterday feeling nauseous thinking that maybe it was just something I ate but then mum mentioned she also wasn’t feeling lekker but the rest of the family was fine so we decided that perhaps when Fysh wasn’t well over the weekend (he complained his tummy was sore and wouldn’t eat) he’d actually had a bug and passed it on.

So I put iron man on for Fysh around 6ish deciding to chill on the sofa before gym and promptly feel asleep, eh… No muay thai class for me haha. Grateful that for the most part I can trust Fysh not to try burn down the house (or the animals) on the odd occasion I pull a “mommy is sick and fell asleep without meaning to”.

This morning doesn’t see me much better sadly and according to mum my little brother had it now as well, so heads up to all you capetonians… There’s a sick going around and it’s not very nice.

I’m considering staying in bed all day today but I have design work that needs finishing yup for a client. Pity I can’t do it in bed. But then that would mean having Fysh at home and I don’t want him re–catching this thing. That and the fact that he’s insisting on eating left over pizza in bed and the smell is making me want to hurl (evil kid!)

Ooh and I got a call from Amazon yesterday asking me to come in on the 24th so hold thumbs this is good news, going to suck that my gym time will be cut into and still not sure how I’m going to deal with night shifts but we’ll freak out on that bridge once we’re on it.


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