so, I’m an employee now…

I signed a contract with Amazon today.

It was originally supposed to be for 3 months but happy to report that it’s a 5 month contract so technically I am an Amazon employee until the 31st of December this year (unless they think I’m all kinds of awesome and make me permanent of course).

So as of the 2nd of August (induction day) I’ll officially have an “office” job again. Though I think I can survive this one seeing as no one expects me to wear shoes or give up my awesome hair colour. I don’t know yet what my shifts are going to look like – being an American company they are open 24/7 so of course there are shifts. I’m hoping I’ll get a set that keeps the fact that I’m an only parent in consideration.

The only sucky part of this is that with them being an American company they work on the American pay roll system meaning that your monthly salary is calculated between the 11th and 11th – it’s confusing I know but what it boils down to is the fact that even though I’ll technically be working as of August 2nd I’ll only get my first actual paycheck at the end of September… yeah.

So about that… do excuse me while I go pull my hair out and figure out how the fuck I am going to pay for school, transport, groceries etc while I’m working but kinda not being paid (because now I won’t be able to do any of the side work that has been just just covering those things).

Despite the next two months being a major test of survival and just how much the universe is willing to help out a little there is the fact that I HAVE A JOB! Which means that from September till January I’ll have a paycheck, a monthly income.

And that right there people is fucking awesome!

I’d say let’s go celebrate but considering Cell C debited the last little bit of $ I had in my account for a contract I cancelled (yes you read right…) I am somewhat fucked. But hey… I HAVE A JOB!


5 thoughts on “so, I’m an employee now…

  1. Good luck making ends meet until you get that paycheck… I’ve never heard of the 11th-11th pay period that’s weird even on the American level… Yay for getting a job with Amazon! Sounds like it would be a fun job to have ;)

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