so yeah… i got robbed. again.

I’ve been quiet and this time bloggers block isn’t too blame.
Friday night my tablet was stolen out the car while I was in it. Not kidding you. I’m fine physically thank the stars but I can tell you that emotionally I’m probably a ticking time bomb. Sad to admit that that piece of technology was my life. I don’t have a phone I use or a computer hooked up to the net (well cept for the half screened laptop – what happens when boys use it – at mum that I’m currently using) so that stupid flat tablet was my everything.

Seriously, it even tracked my damned monthlies and let me know when they were due – I point this out cause they blindsided me yesterday. Grrr… which just adds fuel to my hate fire. I am so sick and tired of this country! I work hard for the few “luxuries” I have. My car and tablet were pretty much the only luxuries and now I’m down to one… aces. The shit thing is that Vodacom won’t give a crap that it’s stolen, I still have to carry on paying it off for the next year and what not which means I can’t even consider replacing it.

It’s okay if I whole up in a corner and cry for a bit right? Probably not seeing as that won’t help change anything but I’m starting to get REALLY fed up with my bad luck. Starting to believe my dad when he says the deLange’s are cursed… I’m so proud to be a South African… *sarcasm font* My motto should change to: when everything is going right, remember to look out for the hit coming from the left.

I had to laugh though, Shamus pointed out that last year just after I got the thing I lost my job and this year right after confirming I have a job I lose my tablet… clearly I’m not meant to have a job and a tablet at the same time. Trust him to point something like that out haha.

So that’s what happened. If I blog a little less at the moment at least you’ll know there’s a reason for my absence – like lack of internet access. I’m hoping that I can figure out something soon (yeah right, like my broke ass can) but for the mean time I have my little R99 hipster phone that can only sms (well it phones but all incoming calls show as private number so I aint answering in case it’s the bank) – I even had to google map and PRINT out directions this weekend… how cool am I ;)


5 thoughts on “so yeah… i got robbed. again.

  1. Sorry that this crap has happened!! Are you not insured?? Send acc for replacement pain and suffering to Zuma seeing as one of his kins-men are now in possession of your said tablet!

    Makes a body just want to reach out and touch some-one and not in a nice way at all!!

    Aah well hope your day, week, month, year, life improves from here on in!! ***hugs***

    • Eh, I wish I could even think of being able to afford insurance but sadly that’s just a dream so nope. HAHA if only it were that easy. Just so tired of it all. That’s twice this year alone now…

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