reading list – July

Last month I decided to list all the books I’d read that month and I’ve decided to make it a “tradition” of sorts so here are the books I read this month (in order, the highlighted ones are the ones that really stood out – the ones I’d suggest without second thought): and as of last week you can now read the reviews to the books I read on the blog I started just for review purposes – Cupcakes’ Reading List

  1. Following me – K.A. Linde
  2. Playing to win – Jaci Burton
  3. Thrown by a curve – Jaci Burton
  4. One sweet ride – Jaci Burton
  5. Losing Hope – Colleen Hoover
  6. Real ugly – C.M. Stunich
  7. Seduction and snacks – Tara Sivec
  8. Losing me, finding you – C.M. Stunich
  9. On every street – Karina Halle
  10. What hidden lies – Michele Rowe
  11. Fuck Valentines day – C.M. Stunich
  12. Futures and frosting – Tara Sivec
  13. One week girlfriend – Monica Murphy
  14. Second chance boyfriend – Monica Murphy
  15. Beautiful bitch – Christina Lauren
  16. Walking disaster – Jamie McGuire
  17. While it lasts – Abbi Glines
  18. Just for now – Abbi Glines
  19. Ambrosia – Erin Noelle
  20. Savor you – Emily Snow
  21. My side – Tara Brown
  22. Reese: A safe haven – Terri Anne Browning
  23. Of Poseidon – Anna Banks (currently reading, will probably finish it tonight)

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