party party party PARTY!

I have no idea why I try and theme Fysh’s parties every year, no matter how good my intentions are I just never get the décor and shit right. This year he wanted a Harry Potter party and I had it all planned out, had the sweets sorted (thanks mom) had things to make wands and all the cute pompoms, cutouts and whatnot… but last minute I realized I had to work the Friday and didn’t have the day off as originally thought so there went that plot.
party foods

party favours

Despite the haphazard throw together of a party – thank you to mom, ouma, Hitler, @rey3004 and Pooky who all contributed to eats and drinks and helped make Fysh’s party possible. To my twitter/ bloggy friends @lauren_rsa, Vanessa, @eleanorfaddell, Kate and @tash_wen who brought their kidlets, to the friends without kids Bear, Bubbles, Barbie, Jill, the Zas Sanz sisters, Lindy and Fysh’s aunty Panda who showed up anyway to celebrate me surviving another year… THANKS!
party cakepartyblog1

And yes we had some last minute cancellations and a few no shows but hell, it was an awesome day and Fysh had a ball, which to me is what counts most! That’s our 4th party under the belt now… damn.

partyblog2party friendsparty19party guests

I ask Fysh what the best part of his day was: he said that dad came to fetch him – dad is his old nannies husband. They came to bring him a little present and wish him a happy birthday and seeing them warmed my heart so much. They were such a huge part of his life for the first 3 years and them showing up despite him not being there anymore really touched my heart. Then they asked if they could take him with them for the rest of the day and from what I can deduce he went to spur and got spoiled rotten.

So even though this party stressed me out six love I’m glad we had it, just another day showing how many people him and I have who really care about us x


3 thoughts on “party party party PARTY!

  1. Thanks for the invite, Mitchell had a ball and it’s always nice to meet new people. You went to so much trouble with the eats, I feel like a bit of a slacker with Mitchell’s party. But then I remembered previous years and al the stress and that is precisely why I decided to leave it to others this year! Stress!! Thanks so much for the cake, it was amazing. I will get around to putting some pics on my blog, I promise but you can see how slack I am if you go there – (hehe your link doesn’t work, my hubby told me it was too long a name!) – you will see how far I got with the picture a day challenge I took up in July, not even half-way!!

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