curiosity saves a little $ sometimes

There’s something to be said about independence and a willingness to learn… like saving a few hundred rand by learning how to change your cars headlights all by yourself! This morning I dragged Shamus out into the cold and unforgiving morning to show me how to change the Tata’s healights seeing as for the past few months my car has looked like a drunken pirate glaring at everyone – the one main bulb blew and the other only worked when on brights… not exactly safe.

changing headlightsSo Shamus did the left side but couldn’t do the right as it started to rain, clever me paid attention to what he was doing and so while he was giving a class I changed out the right side bulb on my own! Take that you over charging Mr mechanic you :P

Besides learning how to maintain my car myself work has been going good, yesterday was the last day of phase 1 training and today we start nesting which means we work from 2pm to 11pm taking calls (hence finally getting a blogpost up!) seeing as I only have to be in at 2 every day I’ll spend the mornings this week trying to catch up on what’s been going on. This working class thing is tough haha, I’m not used to being cooped up indoors and forced to interact with people for 8 hour stretches so by the time I get home I’m knackered. Sad thing is this means my reading has been taking a bit of a knocking as well :(

Hope you’re all well. I am still alive and despite neglecting my blog this past week I do promise to give it a little more love as soon as I’m settled into my shifts or at least some semblance of a fixed routine. I miss my brat like crazy though so hoping this week flies by at a rather fast pace… I’ll key you in tomorrow on all that’s been happening… including a failed date, some new office friends and I’ll tell you all about the free popcorn and coffee ;)

Peace, love and pixie dust bitches!


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