swim little bird swim!

Despite being on the late shift (it’s not quite night shift seeing as it ends at 11pm) and getting home after midnight so only crashing around 1am my body clearly does not care because I was still up and at em at 6am… yeah, I have a feeling this is going to catch up on my soon ;)

Yesterday was our first day of nesting, meaning our first phase of training is done and we now start taking calls but with leads walking around to help us. It’s very much a sink or swim sort of programme and I can now see why they go through such stringent interview processes. I’d equate it to someone explaining to you how to swim and then chucking you in the deep end and saying “okay, well don’t drown now”. It’s effing hard core and nerve wrecking but fun, I’ve decided that I’m going to try and get myself into chat support instead, cause heck… I’m much better at typing to someone than talking to them but for now I’m stuck where I am. Think I’m going to learn to crochet I’ll I’m at working, sometimes there’s “dead time” between calls and I might as well use it constructively seeing as I’m not allowed to take my tablet up into the building with me. Clever thinking right? Yeah, I think so as well.

I’ve made a bunch of new friends, well acquaintances anyway, and the group I’m in is pretty damn awesome and as would be expected we’ve definitely bonded. Going to be sad when we all split up to wherever we are being inserted/needed in the company.

I think that all the free caffeine is messing with me a little, my body isn’t used to coffee as such and filter coffee on top of it but it keeps me going… killing myself slowly haha ;) though I checked my blood pressure today (had to check shamus’s so did mine as well) and it’s a little out of whack, shall just keep an eye on it. Maybe cut back on the coffee some… maybe.
Fysh is staying with his granny this week as my nights are so late and I’m staying at the academy, guess it doesn’t help much for sleeping in either but at least it means that I’m up and going for a run every day and not getting an office bum. Probably also helps that we’re on the 6 floor, I wear heels and insist on always taking the stairs :P

I miss my baby, what I miss most of all is his crawling in with me for cuddles during the night/in the morning. It annoyed me before that I couldn’t get him to stay right through in his bed but you know what they say about not appreciating what you have till it’s gone… well he’s SO going to be sleeping in his momma’s bed this weekend cause I need Fysh cuddles big time!

That’s me, back to work I go! Will do those updates tomorrow hopefully, just been a bit hectic at the moment with getting the First Aid manual done and dusted so it can go to SAMSA for the approval process and doing a little freelance design work here and there. Promise to catch up soon though x


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