over-achiever alert!

So I’m on a bit of a “break” at the moment and decided to make use of one of the “none work related” PC’s to do an update… been here almost two weeks now it’s about time I used the privilege right?

My ass has been in this building since 05:30 this morning… and get this – voluntarily!

I mentioned to one of my nesting trainers yesterday that I want to see what chat support is like as I think that I’d be better at it than phone support – for obvious reasons – and he said that if I was really keen I was welcome to sit in on his chat overtime but that it would mean being here at stupid o’clock in the morning. I decided I might as well, it’s all about taking initiative right?

Well we finished up our shifts at 11pm last night meaning I was home just after 12 and fell asleep at about 1am. I kid you not but I was woken up no less than 4 times between passing out at 1am and my alarm going off at 04:30 by drunken and inconsiderate sailors traipsing through the lounge (for no real reason seeing as it’s not a pass through to anything but one room that has a couple in at the moment), putting on the light and slamming doors… said door happened to be the lounge door and with it being an old building who’s doors still have knobs – well long story short the knob obviously came off in the slamming and the pin was pulled through so when I dragged my behind out of bed I was slapped with the fact that I can’t get out the room…

Picture this: your typical Capetownian winter complete with a torrential downpour at 04:30 in the morning, me in nothing but my boy shorts and tshirt climbing out the window into said icyness… yeah it was fun *sarcasm font*

But I made it here despite all of that and I am so friggin glad I did. I made the effort and at least when I turn around and say I want to transfer to chat I can say it convincingly because I actually made the effort to know what it was all about. Plus I learnt a shitload more about the system we use and the policies etc that are in place. What’s that stupid hashtag that they use… #likeaboss

yup yup… dedi-fucking-cated I tell you. But there’s that saying “if you’re going to do it then do it properly” so I’m doing it right. I think.

Okay my 15 minutes of net access is about done. And my caffiene needs refilling… wish me luck. I have an 8 hour shift starting at 2 that I need to stay awake through. Anyone deliver redbull?!


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