momma loves

First day back with my Fyshness since I dropped him off at his granny last Sunday!
It’s been a LONG week and considering last night was the one and only night I got to chat to him (for all of a minute) it feels like forever.

fysh and mommyThough I have a feeling he missed Joonbug more than he did me! Just kidding…
I got lots and lots of cuddles and when I realised my updated instagram can now take videos (wooohooo) he insisted I record him:

i missed you and i missed you and i love you

*heart melt* moment of note I tell you!

Very glad to report that I don’t have to work nightshifts anymore, they were REALLY accommodating at work and managed to squeeze me into a 4am to 3pm shift which means I’ll still be able to fetch him in the afternoons, do the whole bath and bedtime thing and as for the mornings – I am going to have to stock up on wine and chocolate supplies for my awesome housemate who has said she’ll drop him off at school in the morning for me! They say the only constant thing at Amazon is change but so not sure how long these shifts will last but grateful for them right now.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to enjoy my last full free weekend!
And probably have a nap :P

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