*sleepily waves hello*

Just finished up a 4am to 8am shift followed up by some design work. 
Life is hectic at the moment but I’m slowly falling into a routine, even picking up over time shifts – seeing as this months debit orders are going to bounce higher than a fat kid on a trampoline I need Septembers salary to be fantastic enough to manage double debits… ouch I know.

It helps that the people I work with are awesome and I actually look forward to going in despite the shitty hours and constant zombie like state that I reside in currently. Now I completely understand the permanent blue eyes look that @reyv3004 sports! We’ll dub it the Amazonian look ;)

One major bonus though is that I miss out on traffic. Driving to work this morning there was one other car on the road (I swear to you they work at Amazon as well haha) and coming home I sniggered rather meanly at the sods sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on their way to work. 

I was about to head to bead for a few hours while Fysh is at school (as I have a midnight to 4:30 shift later) but then my great gran decided to bribe me to take her shopping… sucks being broke because yes that bribe worked. 

Lots of exciting stuff happening around work though – tomorrow morning I get a tour of what happens in the @KFCSA kitchens and sunday we are going to “pimp our biscuits” at the v&a waterfronts new market on the warf! Plus I have a sexy car arriving from Ford to drive around for a few days so keep an eye out… things are settling back into their exciting routine again. Think we now just need a decent giveaway!


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