life in a call center

What do you picture when someone says “call center” to you? Cause in all honesty what I see is a bunch of moody people who sit in a cold room taking calls and transferring you round and round or keeping you on hold but never really resolving your issue.

I can happily say that that is not at all what Amazon is like. And no, there is no one paying me to say this or standing behind me reading over my shoulder either. It’s the dead honest truth.

Yeah so the shift work is crappy and the pay isn’t top of the food chain but the environment is fantastic. You make friends/acquaintances easily and even though there is the slight “hey I’m permanent and you’re not” every now and then it’s not a common occurrence.

In Amazon there are various departments so yes there is the occasional “please hold while I transfer you through to xyz department”. I’m in Amazon Local – a specialty department that is as of right now still not a full team but will be within the next month or so. We are Amazon’s response to groupon, a small baby version of it but at least you know what we do. So mostly it’s refunding and during the day (as I work the 4am to 3pm) there is a LOT of avail time i.e. we sit around waiting for calls…

So what do we do while we sit around waiting for people to phone in and unload their burdensome troubles on us? Well now…

they say a picture can speak a thousand words but seeing as we aren’t allowed cameras/phones/tablets up here and I have no intention of boring you with a thousand words we’ll go with a short summary of some of the happenings:

yesterday we had “potluck” which means each team member brings something to the party (yes I brought cupcakes – those of you on instagram already know that I burned my hand during sleep deprived baking endeavors) so during the period of time where day shift/night shift merge (between 1pm and 3pm) we had an awesome office picnic.

We race paper planes… I’ve been put in charge of decorating the office space we were allocated and part of our décor is paper planes (part of our logo) so I dished out paper and sent an email to the members with a “how to fold a paper plane” instruction picture and put them to work… inevitably this turned into a game to see who fold them the quickest and of course who’s could fly the furthest. You can’t expect a bunch of bored adults to actually act like adults you know ;)

Poker… watch out because I’m actually getting pretty good at it as well! There is so much entertainment that can be found in a pack of cards and I’m glad that for some random reason I always have a pack in my bag.

I’ve gotten very behind on my reading and it’s sad. Going from 20 books a month to the 2 maybe 3 I’ve been able to get read this month was just depressing BUT I’ve been given permission to bring my kindle with me so now I can sneak in a little reading while we sit on avail! Busy with “the fault in our stars” at the moment and it’s beautiful. Put it on your “to read” list if it isn’t already on there.

Doodling, I’ve taken to having my sketch book with me in my back at all times and have even started decorating my little alcove with pictures Fysh brings home from school as well as some of my own doodles. I’m thinking that I’ll taking them down once a month and start over so you have to wait a few days till I bring my doodles home to actually see them – I’ll instagram/blog them I promise. They’ve gotten a little attention already actually and I’ve been approached to say that they’re awesome/i’m talented/please would I doodle something for them…

Think I should start charging haha.

So yeah, no dank and dreary call center this. The floors are carpeted, the chairs are comfy, the coffee flows freely and yeah the staff might yawn a little here and there but for the most part someone is always willing to make you coffee if they’re on a break and you aren’t.

Oh, and did I happen to mention that there is free popcorn?!


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