dear ladies

There are certain things I feel a women should know, if not for her own safety then for the safety of her child. We harp on about seatbelts and carseats etc but how many of you are able to change a tyre? To check the oil levels of your car, jumpstart it or even just make sure the water is full?

We take for granted that there will always be a man around to help but let me tell you this, men are simply not as chivalrous as they once used to be. In the past two weeks I have found myself stranded on the side of the road with a blow-out (just my luck) and both times I can count the number of people who offered me help on my one hand. The second time round it was actually peak traffic and there I was on my hands and knees in a skirt jacking up my car while people simply watched and idled passed. My rescuer? My female housemate…

I’m thankful that my mum never enforced upon me the stereotype that girls do sewing and boys do cars, sure I know how to sew and cook and all that but at least I am also able to change a tyre or plunge a toilet when it’s needed as well.

I’m not saying you need to be able to change the headlamps yourself or know the difference between a gasket and a valve, I’m just saying that I feel women should know the basics. Make sure there is a jack, wheel spanner and jumper cables in your car. Know where to check your oil. I don’t care if men feel intimidated by women who are capable of doing this themselves, the point is that one day you might end up with a flat in the middle of nowhere and who the fuck knows and then who’s going to help you?

Trust me, it’s really not that hard!


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