belated birthday vibes

new bike

To everyone who gave Fysh a voucher for his birthday – THANK YOU!

I finally got round to taking him “shopping” yesterday and Mr opted to replace the bike that was stolen earlier the year (Needless to say, this one will be living INSIDE unless in use) instead of the leap pad we’d originally decided on.

Missioned off to the beach to test out his new ride, think that we’ll be doing this mission often once I change jobs.
Maybe we’ll tie a rope around it and then around my waist so we can go for a run occasionally…


4 thoughts on “belated birthday vibes

  1. Mitchell has a similar bike which he hasn’t really learned to ride properly yet. I’m thinking we should take them together sometime. How about next weekend Sat? Hubby is going to watch rugby and 14yr old away for hols.

      • I sent you a fb message re taking the kids for a bike ride with my phone number. I don’t seem to have yours on my phone. Anyhoo, I got stuck at Canal Walk the whole afternoon anyway. Trying to shop for yourself with a 4 yr old is no fun as I’m sure you know and we ended up at Wonderland for quite a while. Looks like the weather is improving so we must make a plan to take them sometime, though maybe not for this weekend as it looks like rain.

      • i need to go check my FB. it’s connected to all my other forms of SM so i’m not really on it much. Will whatsapp you and we can arrange a “playdate” for sometime soon :)
        I hate shopping but will admit it’s not cause of Fysh, he’s always really well behaved thankfully.

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