I’m still here, still alive! Well still breathing at least…
I am so ridiculously behind on writing reviews, blog posts etc I want to hide in a corner and pretend they aren’t all glaring at me.

Month end I leave Amazon. *cries*
Off to a new job with “normal” hours which means I’ll have time to have somewhat of a life again (as well as maintain everything else better) but it also means leaving the little family that I’ve become a part of there. Getting messages the whole day about how I’m going to be missed and considering I’ve only been here 2 months and I’m not even permanent staff it really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

But the change is needed, Fyshsticks isn’t coping with his momma’s crazy shift hours. And as always… he comes first.
So get your inbox’s prepped… I’ll be back to spamming it with ramblings again really soon.

And on that note I think that all this newness should be celebrated with a new look… now taking new hair colour suggestions (I’m thinking cotton candy pink as it’s a sort of vintage purple now). Aaaaand go!

unicorn poop


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