book consumption for August/September

wellsaid.readthebookSo the last reading list update I did was for July I think, wait… let me check. Yup there it is – July. Shocking I know!

Well August saw me start at Amazon and then only in September did I get permission to bring my kindle to work but my manager sees me on it and gives me more work so my usual 20 books a month went down to a rather embarrassingly low consumption. With so few read I’m just going to lump both August and September’s reading list into one post.


  1. Of Triton – Anna Banks
  2. Frigid – J. Lynn
  3. Sweet thing – Renee Carlino
  4. Get bent – C. M. Stunich
  5. The mistress – Tiffany Reisz
  6. The fault in our stars – John Green < an absolute must read. 


  1. Him – Carey Heywood
  2. Saving Dallas – Kim Jones
  3. Exteme love – Abby Niles
  4. Beautiful stranger – Christina Lauren
  5. Fighting for flight – J. B. Salsbury
  6. Beats – Kendall Grey
  7. The perks of being a wallflower – Stephen Chbosky
  8. Eversea – Natasha Boyd
  9. Falling into you – Jasinda Wilder

Books that I want to finish before month end: Falling into us – Jasinda Wilder,  Folly – Jassy Mackenzie (local author!), Wake up call – Victoria Ashley

On a side note… once I’ve finished the book I am currently devouring (Falling into you) I can officially tick off #6 on my 25 before 26 list! Yup, despite the sudden dip in my reading I have managed to start and finish 150 books since January 1st 2013.


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