do blondes have more fun?

So originally I planned on colouring my hair pink, cotton candy pink.
I went and got the colour, bought the peroxides and all that and got as far as bleaching my hair.

When changing from one colour to the next I tend to like starting from a blank canvas, not really something I’ve done in a while as I transitioned from blue to bright pink to purple without going the usual blank look first. This time round though I did…

blonde cupcake

General consensus is that I keep it this way for a while, I’m thinking I might actually. In the photo it looks white blonde but in the light it actually has a pink tint to it (probably left over purple colouring) making it a little more rockstar than normal blonde and I kinda like it. Fysh has told me I must keep it like this cause “now we has the same hairs hey momma” – I might add pink to the fringe or tips as I get bored though. Which we know I will.

But for now… for now I’m rocking the blonde vibes ;)


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