if life were a book it would be simpler

Mind if I take a small moment here to sob hysterically? You don’t? why thank you… you’re too kind.

Today is day one at my new job, day one of a new adventure, and I really hope that Fysh knows exactly what I’ve given up for him being here. I miss Amazon, I miss the people and the vibe, I miss that beehive state – no matter what hour of day you head in there it’s busy and people are on the go. Here I’m alone. It’s me in the office, the boss man upstairs and the guys in the workshop.

Maybe my desk just needs a pot-plant or the walls need some colour. It’s simply too “quiet” here, there’s noise but it’s not the same. There’s no constant buzz, there’s no one teaching me how to say “Salam” properly or people to make coffee for. I even miss taking those damned stairs…

It’s a mental block I know, I don’t adjust well to knew and even though I’ve been here before and it isn’t really *new* as such it’s a vast difference from what I settled into. Also doesn’t help that all my nesting friends are now starting phase 2 today, sort of makes me feel like a failure for resigning before I even made it that far. I know it’s not but I’m just having an emotional day.
Of course Fysh had to throw a tantrum this morning and not co-operate when it was time to leave so that did not help this whole transition either.

At least the filing here is keeping me busy… 3 years of backlog filing is dusty and monotonous work that really chases the clock I tell you. Maybe I should make up a pro and con list.Or I should just be damned grateful I have something even though it is this dead-end office work. But I can thank Amazon for one thing, I’m half way into my day and I’ve been complimented on my phone skills a few times already ;)

Le Sigh… I wish life was a novel so I could skip ahead a few chapters and be certain everything is going to be okay in the end.


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