heart-melt moment

Ever since I first got to take him home Fysh has had this thing about holding my hand when he goes to sleep, nothing out of the ordinary I mean a lot of baby like holding on to something when they’re little. I quickly became his comfort object and he wouldn’t go to sleep if he couldn’t hold my hand. Once he’s frolicking in la-la land you can let go though.

Obviously this started getting to be a bit of a hassle cause he wouldn’t go to sleep unless I was in bed with him (not cool when you have guests or just need to get stuff done) but we eventually managed to get that out of him when he moved into his own room/bed.

When I started working at Amazon though he was back to being in my bed as it was simply easier (and because most of the time I’d fall asleep before him and he’d just crawl into my bed regardless of what I’d said about being in his) and now of course I have house-mates in mine and the spare room, still wonder why I gave my room up and I have no honest answer :/
Anyway, so he’s in my bed and we’ve managed to stick with the going to sleep on his own thing. He’ll head off to bed and I’ll faff with washing or making lunches or whatever else needs doing at 8pm.

holding handsLast night though I crawled into bed with him after gym as I decided to read for a bit instead of mull around the house doing what needs being done. The cunning little bugger… he says to me: “momma, if I hold your hand then I’ll keep you safe”.

Now how can I say no to that heart-melt moment?! So he went to sleep clutching my hand and keeping me safe x


3 thoughts on “heart-melt moment

  1. Too stinking cute!!! I love it when my little boy (almost three now) comes and cuddle with me! He says “lets pretend I’m the mommy and you are the son” and he kisses my forehead and says “now, sleep tight”… Ugh!

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