so, what say you?

So it’s fast approaching that time of year again, the shops are already putting up decor and it’s only a matter of time before Boney M starts assaulting our ears again, last year (or was it the year before?) The Stiletto Mum hosted a Bloggy Secret Santa that I think was rather successful, I know I just adored my gift and had a fantastic time putting together a box of goodies for the person I was assigned.

What say you lovely people we do it again this year?
You keen to play Secret Santa?


13 thoughts on “so, what say you?

  1. I took part last year and my gift had to be posted to Jhb and the most important part of it ‘disappeared’ en route so I think the recipient was rather disappointed. I re-bought the gift she was supposed to get but she had already gone back to Australia where she is now living. I did not receive a gift or hear from the person who drew my name. So please forgive me if I say no thanks, not this year:)

    • Aw that’s sucky but I understand. I know my housemate had an issue similar as well. This year I want to be strict on it, I’m not certain it was well followed up last year. So we try again. I’ll be your secret santa, you’ll get cupcakes ;)

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