the story of luke

I watched this movie earlier today that in my opinion everyone should watch.
I do that a lot lately, watch movies that is, it makes doing VAT filing that much more survivable.

So the movie is titled “The story of Luke”, it has no action or romance or nudity or anything like that. Instead it’s just the story of Luke, a guy with autism trying to fit into and survive “the real world”.  He’s raised sheltered and home schooled by his grandparents because his mother couldn’t find it in herself to raise a special needs child, but when they die he’s expected to go to live with his uncle and family who all have the stereotypical stigma of what an autistic person is in their head. He’s thrust into a world that has absolutely no hope for him, that believes he is only there to remind people that they are lucky they are normal.

But Luke, he just wants to find a job and ask a girl out. It’s what everyone wants right? Find something that pays the bills, find someone to share the mundane with so it seems a little more tolerable, “screw” and of course be treated like an equal not an idiot. It just highlights that you shouldn’t be so quick to judge people. There’s an aspie in the movie as well, he hides out in the IT room and observes people. One of the things he says is exactly the best way of explaining what it’s like surviving the world when you’re different, or labeled not to fit in:  “you know you will never be normal? This is all about pretending”. < and I have a funny feeling that a lot of people feel that way, a lot of “normal” people.

Another great thing he says is that you just have to learn to accept that you’re not normal. I spent most of my life trying to fit in, to act and be what society depicts and I think I’ve managed to bullshit my way through it all pretty well so far. The one thing that I never stopped to think about is how damaging it is constantly trying to fit in. In school they try tell you to just be who you are. But who the hell actually listens to that? I mean you try and what happens? You get poked and prodded, you get shunted aside because you don’t fit the mold. A rather hypocritical society we live in right? Be yourself, so long as it’s who way say that is.

Just remember – like the guy in the IT department. It’s not always easy to spot those with Aspergers, they tend to be forced into making good chameleons, they learn to adapt, to survive. It’s not easy and yeah they’re odd and strange but they’re human and have feelings. Even if those feelings and reactions aren’t always what society demands them to be.

Be nice to people, for everyone is fighting their own battle. 

And a link to watching the movie if you can’t find it anywhere else: The story of Luke


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