All that’s missing is the chocolate

What were you doing midnight of last night? I hope your answer is either sleeping or getting “beveraged” enough for those of us unlucky enough to be cleaning up a trail of projectile vomit at that hour…

We were supposed to head to a party this morning but I somehow got my days mixed up thinking it was tomorrow which is just as well as I had to give Shamus a lift back into town and even though I had planned on going straight from town to the party I decided it best to just skip it (yes I feel horrid about it) because you know my child is not well when he’s silent an entire car ride and then also says no thank you to visiting the aquarium!

So we didn’t get to socialise with friends but I did get a full of cuddles. Actually, the amount of cuddles, kisses and attention I got today you’d swear it was me feeling unwell.


Amongst the cuddles and overdose of animated films I got some drawing done, nothing to do with any of the designs I actually need to draw but oh well…


I think it’s a prelude to a large “project” I have in mind. Mumford and sons first album is on repeat in my car at the moment, there’s something about it but I’m not sure what, the second album is just depressing though. Anyway, there’s an image in my head for each of the songs on that album and after this quick sketch I’m thinking that what I’d like to do is an A3 drawing for each song and have each songs lyrics printed out on A4’s. Then frame all of it in simple black frames and put them up so the drawings are up with lyrics in between. Make sense? I don’t know. Looks good in my head. If I get it done I’ll instagram/blog it.

Also did a lot of thinking about how to properly manage the secret Santa thing this year so that will go up on Monday. Kinda excited and rather proud of my management skills, let’s see if they work before I pat myself on the back though hey ;)

Now Fysh and I are settling in to watch Harry Potter xxx


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