Secret Santa time again


Sorry if you missed signup, join us again next year or go and see about signing up for #DelishBox  until the 2014 Secret Santa :)Secret_SantaRight, so it’s that time of year again and as per my “what say you” post I mentioned I want to do “secret santa” again this year and it seems a lot of you also want to! It’s a little late in the year to start this I know. We should have had it up end of last month or at least the beginning of October but we’ll just make do with the time we have.

This year I’m going to be strict though as I know that there are a few people who didn’t receive gifts on the last round and a few who received “thoughtless” or “last minute” gifts.
So this year, only sign up if you know you have the time to put a little effort into your gift, I know we aren’t all creative but at least try? And most importantly, only sign up if you are actually going to have time to take part and send a gift. I’d rather we be 10 committed people than 100 who may or may not actually partake. Quality over quantity.

General rules will stay the same: Gift/s must be between R100-R150 (keeping it low as budgets are tight all round and it forces you to get a little creative) and must have a tracking number which you will forward to me. If you don’t send me that tracking number I will spam you until you do. Once you’ve committed to joining I’ll email you a little list of 10 or so “get to know me” questions that you can post on your blog/facebook and send me a link or mail them back to me if you don’t have either and I’ll forward them onto your secret santa.

I just want everyone taking part to have a good time and get something great from a stranger that might even become a friend and of course get a little package in the mail that’s not bills for a change.

So if you’re still keen to join and haven’t been scared off yet then fill in this little form, going to end entries month end and Friday, November 1st you will each have your buddy. Which gives you a month to put together a gift and the first week of December all gifts are to be sent out.

Looking forward to this!
Now go… go and share this with anyone you think might like to join in :)


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