pick your favorite book

best-friendsI was recently asked to write a piece on my favorite book in a job application, kind of hard to ask this of someone who has read 156 books this year alone.

In my opinion it’s a bit unfair actually really, I think that picking out a favorite book would be like trying to choose your best friend, easy said but even they change over time. Is your best friend from kindergarten still your best friend today? It’s the same way with books to me. Some come into your life briefly, they stay for a little while and you learn something from them, something sticks but as they come they go. Others though have profound impact on you and stick with you for a little longer.

Books are friends, particularly for those who find solace in the imaginations of others instead of their company. I’m certain I’m not the only person who’d rather spend a Friday night at home with a new book instead of going out and getting drunk, because if I was I think Authors wouldn’t be around much longer, as is book stores are slowly becoming insignificant with the preference changing from tangible books to ebooks. 

Anyway, not quite sure what my point was to this. Just a random thought that came about. 
Oh and a side note, I seriously need to thank Penguin Books who have seriously helped fuel my love for books this past year. My monthly package from them is always a huge highlight.

4 thoughts on “pick your favorite book

  1. I could never pick a favourite either. I have favourite authors but not favourite books! Each book I read I enjoy for a different reason!

    • Exactly. In my application to GoodReads they made me write about my favourite book, I wrote something similar to this about how I couldn’t simply pick just one. They seemed happy with my answer as I’m on to the second interview :)

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