when deals aren’t so special

So yesterday mom sent me the link to this Wicount deal: Cartoon learning tablet for your kids asking if I’d think Fysh would want it for xmas.

Now tell me something, when you see that what do you think?
For that price (even the discounted price) and that write up you’d expect something similar (albeit more child friendly) to a tablet or leappad style thing right?

Yeah, that’s what I thought as well but I’ve been caught out with these deal sites before (they advertised the “normal price” as xx amount but I found it in a toy store known to be overpriced stocked for less than the “special price” listed) so I thought I’d first google it to see what the usual going rate is. Couldn’t find it on google so told mom to rather leave it we could club together for a leappad or something.

I work in Montague Gardens at the moment and a lot of people come past the office trying to sell various things. Guess what someone tried selling me today? Yup… a cartoon learning tablet for kids. The exact same one that Wicount is selling. When I asked for the price the guy responded with R100 so obviously I wanted to know if they’d fallen off a truck somewhere, he laughed and said no and asked if he could come in to show me.

So I sit here fuming at the audacity Wicount has lying to the public. That “tablet” is a cheap china town toy you could probably pick up for less than R100 if you went directly to china town, no one in their right mind would undercut themselves that much if the product truly was worth R849. You can purchase it on Amazon (see here) brand new and even with shipping and customs it will still cost you less than the deal price. And oh yes, I googled the consumer protection act, it violates chapter 2 parts D, E, F and H and probably others I didn’t get to.

I contacted Wicount and informed them of this and was told that under no circumstances will they will be taking the deal down as they have an agreement with their supplier and that is the price the supplier provided them with. Understandable to a point, but at least say that they would make an inquiry or something right? The nice customer service agent did say he was taking down the details and will have the fine print reviewed but please, this is South Africa… Does he honestly think I am going to believe him?

I just feel sorry for the 9 people who have already gone and purchased the “deal”.


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