who stopped the clock?!

Today is DRAGGING?! I’m serious. I keep staring at the clock thinking move faster you effing bastard…
At one point I got excited thinking “it must be lunchtime already”… It was 09:30. *unimpressed face*

There is absolutely no reason for today to drag as it is. I have nothing to look forward to after work unless you count gym and an ice cold pepsi.

Seriously. Someone is doing this just to mess with my head. I’ve even downloaded 5 new country albums and snuck in 70% of a book and that hasn’t helped pass time. Not a bad book at least. The main character cries far too much though but at least she’s not some petite little Barbie doll like most of the book characters lately.

Anyway, here’s a little country playlist to get you through the rest of the day… (yes I’m aware I was born and raised in the wrong part of the world)


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