get the fuck over him (or her)

goodbyeNo no I’m not going through a break-up, that would mean I was dating someone and we all know that’s not happening. For some reason I’ve been finding some really excellent “get over him” sort of songs the past two days (must be because I’ve been listening to so much country music) so I decided to make up a “break-up” playlist. I guess you don’t have to be breaking up with a person in particular, maybe you’re breaking up with a shitty part of yourself or a friend… or maybe you just need a reminder as to why you don’t date. Whatever.
Asked twitter and facebook for suggestions… here’s your playlist from them and me

Note: These are not your mama’s “I’m so sad” break up songs. These are the songs you feel better after listening to them, not worse.
So buckle up, kids, and here we go!


  1. Mama’s broken heart – Miranda Lambert (suggested by myself)
  2. I look so good (without you) – Jessie James (suggested by myself)
  3. You outta know – Alanis Morissette (suggested by myself and @MamaZombieZA)
  4. No hard feelings – Bloodhound gang (suggested by @AraliaSA)
  5. Song for the dumped – Ben Folds Five (suggested by @Zombie_Phil)
  6. You’re history – Shakespears sister (suggested by @MelanieMinnaar)
  7. Since you’ve been gone – Kelly Clarkson (suggested by @oh_my_kesh and @flutterbymegs)
  8. Set fire to the rain – Adel (suggested by @oh_my_kesh)
  9. So what – Pink (suggested by @SharonVW and @flutterbymegs)
  10. Need a man – Eurythmics (suggested by @SharonVW)
  11. Broken – Seether (suggested by @SharonVW) – okay this one is a little morbid
  12. She hates me – Puddle of mud (suggested by @SharonVW and @MamaZombieZA)
  13. He wasn’t man enough – Toni Braxton (suggested by @flutterbymegs)
  14. Survivor – Destiny’s child (suggested by @flutterbymegs)
  15. Single Ladies – Beyonce (suggested by @flutterbymegs)
  16. Forget you – Cee-Lo Green
  17. Take a bow – Rihanna (suggested by @flutterbymegs)
  18. Goodbye – Kristinia deBarge
  19. Fighter – Christina Aguilera (suggested by @flutterbymegs)
  20. I hope you die – Bloodhound gang (suggested by @AraliaSA)
  21. Scars – Papa Roach (suggested by @SharonVW and myself)
  22. Hemorrhage (in my hands) – Fuel (suggested by @SharonVW)
  23. Womanizer – Britney Spears (suggested by @flutterbymegs)
  24. Big girls don’t cry – Fergie (suggested by @anewweigh)
  25. I hate you so much right now – Kelis (suggested by @anewweigh)
  26. Gasoline – Seether (suggested by @SilverbackSA)
  27. We are never ever getting back together – Taylor Swift (suggested by @anewweigh)
  28. It’s okay It’s alright – Ashley Tisdale
  29. Before he cheats – Carrie Underwood
  30. Don’t hold your breath – Nicole Sherzinger
  31. Too little too late – Jojo
  32. Cry for you – September
  33. Stronger – Britney Spears
  34. Sexed up – Robbie Williams (suggested by @LaBaBy_xoxo)
  35. Strong enough – Cher
  36. Ex-girlfriend – No Doubt
  37. Goodbye to you – Michelle Branch
  38. I don’t need a man – Pussycat dolls
  39. Good riddance (time of your life) – Green Day
  40. Hate (I really don’t like you) – Plain White T’s
  41. Shut up and let me go – The Ting Tings
  42. Makeover – Christina Aguilera (suggested by @Boo_Hadley)
  43. You’re no good – Linda Rondstadt
  44. Roar – Katy Perry (suggested by @TanyaHolmes2177)
  45. These boots were made for walking – Nancy Sinatra
  46. Hit the road Jack – Ray Charles
  47. The pretender – Foo Fighters
  48. You’re so vain – Carly Simon
  49. Steppin’ stone – The Monkees
  50. I will survive – Cake
  51. Happy ending – Avril Lavigne
  52. Don’t bother – Shakira
  53. Get out (leave) – Jojo
  54. Irreplaceable – Beyonce
  55. Skyscraper – Demi Lovato
  56. Jar of hearts – Christina Perri
  57. Friendly Goodbye – Bowling for soup
  58. According to you – Orianthi
  59. Gives you hell – All American Rejects
  60. Someone like you – Adele
  61. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson
  62. I love it – Icona pop
  63. Fuck it (I don’t want you back) – Eamon (suggested by @clumsymonkeydbn)
  64. Merry Happy – Kate Nash
  65. I can do better – Avril Lavigne
  66. Nah! – Shania Twain
  67. Believe – Cher

6 thoughts on “get the fuck over him (or her)

    • or for single people going through a moment of weakness this is a nice reminder not to date cause clearly if there are this many break-up songs out there it’s better to just not

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