a colourful giveaway – closed

colour me crazyI’m sure that by now all the Capetonian’s are aware of the various colour festivals gracing us this month. Apparently last weekend was the Holi fest (which is weird cause I’m pretty sure I attended that in March, but anyway) and I know a few friends went and got their colour on. This weekend it’s The Colour Run and then NEXT weekend it’s the Colour Me Crazy run/fest.

Now I don’t know about you but all these fests have had me more confused than a chameleon on, well, a colourfest floor! When I first heard about the Colourfest way back when they started advertising I said we’d do it and mom agreed to do the run with me (but then she’d bail on the fest). Well, turns out that we ended up getting our colours a little muddled up and ended up booking for this weekend’s run instead. Oops.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one to do so either *thank the stars* and the fantastic organisers over at Colour Me Crazy are just that, fantastic! They’re on the ball, and if like me you booked for the wrong fest then I urge you to contact them as they’ll try sort something out for you :)
colour me crazy cape town line upTrust me when I say you don’t want to miss this! The line up looks awesome, we know for a fact the colours are going to be brilliant and who doesn’t want to spend a day getting colourful with friends?!

So, all that being said, I have two tickets (valued at R290 each) for one lucky person to grab a friend or a family member and go get their colour on as well at the Colour Me Crazy event on October 26th.

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me who you would take with you if you won.
And if you’re on twitter or FB don’t forget to share and tag me (@cupcakemummy) as well as @ColourMeCrazySA.
Competition will end on Monday October 21 at 12pm (it’s a short one seeing as the fest is next weekend already)

Lets get colourful


16 thoughts on “a colourful giveaway – closed

  1. I hope I win because soaking up the festivities with my bestie is just what I would need mid exam madness. Been waiting for this all year and I nearly forgot with my nose being in my books.

  2. LOL, we booked for the festival (as our work social) and then were so confused with all this talk that the race was this Saturday! Glad we weren’t the only ones!

  3. I thought I’d booked for the color me crazy, but I also got tickets for the run tomorrow!!!! Such a schlep to have to change plans!

    I have 10 days before my man has to leave for a couple of weeks, I’d love to take him and make some crazy colorful happy memories that will last a lifetime! :-)

  4. I would like to win these, my nephew is currently in matric and we swore we would do the Big walk together this year but he will be writing exams during november, I’d rather take him 2 colour fest :-)

  5. Sjoe what an awesome prize :) would love to win these! I’d take my son with me. Desperately wanted to go but unfortunately money can play such a factor! xxx

  6. I would take one of my best friends Eloize. She has been a big help to me lately and i would love to spend the day with her and just have fun.

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  8. I’m on the hunt for an apartment which is rather really draining and the deadline looms … so I really need some Colour in my life right now (and some cupcakes and chocolate too lol … but I think the band “iScream & the Chocolate Sticks” will cover that lol )… I love running and I’m would take my friend Nathalie or Jill with and have a ball of a day … Holding thumbs :-)

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