The Colour Run SA

So we know that next weekend is the Colour Me Crazy run/festival out at the Ostrich farm (have you entered the giveaway yet?) but this weekend was The Color Run SA.
Originally an international event dubbed – the happiest 5km on the planet and I’m inclined to agree. From the colours to the overall vibe it was pure happiness!

There were no medals being handed out at the end of the race, no need for marathon sprints and I think there were as many minions there as there were adults (if not more), originally Fysh was supposed to go to grandpa but seeing as the organizers changed the times from 2pm to 8am last minute we took him with, and I’m glad we did cause he absolutely loved it. 

Granny carried him on her back for the most part of the 5km (though we ended up walking 10km as mum parked 2.5km – we measured – away from the race start/finish) as I have fresh ink but he did get a little walking/running in here and there and was pleased as punch when he got to throw the powder at people though wasn’t all that happy when he accidentally sniffed a good amount (the powder is scented and he wanted to smell it) or when he got some in the eye and looked like he was sporting bright pink eyeliner. baby wearingGranny and Fysh

Every km mark they had a colour station that you had to walk/run through and they’d attack you with whatever colour marker that particular station was, nice way of knowing how much longer you have to walk etc. The odd thing was that there wasn’t anyone enforcing you not to cut across and make your walk shorter like they do on most races and yet despite this I didn’t see one person even attempting it. follow the yellow brick road screw puddle jumping

Had a great day with mum and Fysh. Another bucket list item I can cross off now :)
So amped for next weekends Colour Me Crazy fest with friends!the color run sa


One thought on “The Colour Run SA

  1. I should have got hold of you beforehand and gone with you! I was going to take Mitchell with but he has quite a horrible cough and I wasn’t too keen on him breathing in all that powder. Plus when he woke up his thumb was all swollen, looked like a spider bite so I was worried about getting stuck in traffic and not being able to get him medical attention if it was needed. So he stayed at home with Dad and I dragged big boet along.
    I am sorry to say that we did cut across from the red to the blue station as my big-footed kid was complaining constantly, mainly that his feet hurt as his shoes don’t fit! So we didn’t even get to the end, we just left after the blue station. I think next year I’ll just go to the colour festival, sadly I can’t go this weekend as I’m doing Santa shoebox volunteering all day Saturday.

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