I love you more in Filipi

You know how a kid often calls you nonstop? “MOM, MOM, MOOOOOOOOM, MOMMY, MOM!!!” Even if you’re standing right next to them?! Yeah my kid does that and I get that annoying “WHAT?!” pretty quickly which he somehow always knows how to diffuse with “I love you mom” then walks away. < I mean how can I stay angry/agitated at that? My kid knows me far too well…

So anyway, point is that Fysh and I have this thing similar to that of Tangled (for those of you who have watched it) where one will start off with “I love you” and the next one will up it with “I love you more” and so on, he’s taken to ending it with “I love you the mostestest” so I decided to up it and say “I love you infinity – so I win”.
Please note that these terms of endearment happen spontaneously and are often screamed across isles in shopping centers… 

We’re sitting cuddled on the couch when Fysh randomly gives me a hug.
Fysh: I love you
Me: I love you more
Fysh: I love you in filipi
Me: *laughs hysterically*

I couldn’t help it okay, it was both the cutest and the funniest thing I’ve heard him say in ages.motherly love


2 thoughts on “I love you more in Filipi

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  2. So cute! Our kids should have been twins! I’ll be busy moaning at Mitchell about something he’s done wrong and he looks at me with his blue eyes and says ‘But I love you Mommy’. Stops me in my tracks every time. Clever little sods!

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