#nofilterday – are you brave enough?

Recently The Blessed Barranness posted on twitter what a glimpse at her instagram reveals about her and then of course the comments that were made RE it. Her comment – What my instagram reveals about me: I’m a wine drinking, polishaholic, arachnaphobic, proud mama who has a thing for tattoos!

When you look at my instagram feed you see a tattooed (currently) blonde mom who has colourful adventures, goes running/boxing, draws and reads a lot, gets cool stuff and has an adorable kid.
What you don’t see are the tears and worry about how the hell I’m going to manage raising a boy on my own, you don’t see the tantrums because I said no he can’t play minions, or the vomit I have to clean up at midnight because someone at school let him have milk again. You don’t see me posting unflattering selfies of my double chin and fat rolls or my terrible morning hairdo. You see what I want you to see.

We got chatting (or bitching) as bloggers tend to do and it turns out that we’re sitting in a rather similar parenting situation with our kidlets – situations that we decided not to post about. And after chatting about how we are perceived by our peers has a lot to do with what we choose to share online we joked that we should have a #nofilterday (considering this also came soon after my post about how parenting is not as glamorous as people wish it to be).

Those of you on instagram know about the #nofilter hasthag but for those of you not on it: it simply means you uploaded your photo as it was taken, no added editing of filters before posting it up.

Life isn’t rose coloured and despite how it may look the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, in fact if it is greener it’s probably that fake grass. We envy other peoples live because they portray only the good bits – had this chat again with @Anzet_LesWheels this morning and again RE an overview of her instagram cause I said I wish mine looked more like hers (those cars are too pretty!).

I think we need a day to remind everyone that even though we love our lives and kids it’s not always sunshine and daisies. We all have our own struggles, your struggles are no less important than mine. I read a quote recently: “some infinities are bigger than other infinities” and I think the same thing goes for anything else in this life. You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, and neither can you judge your predicaments to mine or I mine to yours.

So The Blessed Barraness and I have decided to declare November 1st #nofilterday – the rule/s are simple: upload the photos that you don’t usually let people see, you know the ones: the less glamorous ones that include chipped nail polish and your hair soon as you wake up, the ones that won’t necessarily get you likes like that horrific pre-makeup shot etc… post your photos to whatever platform you want, blog it, tweet it, instagram it we don’t care. So long as you use the hashtag #nofilterday!

And? Are you brave enough?
We’ll see…


7 thoughts on “#nofilterday – are you brave enough?

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