ADHD is like YouTube on crack

I have come to realise that YouTube is a lot like my brain and thus is the best way to explain to people what being me is like, kinda. How so? Well you know that joke about the “oh look, a bunny…” that’s me. This morning The Blessed Barranness tweeted about Belgian waffles for my mind ran off in a #dirtythoughts moment. Who knows how the hell I got dirty thoughts reading the word “waffle” My ADD is really bad, particularly when I’m not on Ritalin and the other cocktail of “sanity” but the lengthy exertion of energy at the gym does help it somewhat.

Back to the point: YouTube is like my brain. Yesterday AndyWandy posted a link to a YouTube video that I of course clicked on and as you know you can’t watch just ONE video, YouTube sucks you in and the next thing you know it’s 2 hours later and you’ve gone from watching the monologue of “dear diary” entries by sad cats to a teddy getting an operation to a goat eating Doritos to blowjob advice from a gay guy to straight women. Yeah I’m not kidding… he uses a banana and everything.

I can’t sit still for long periods of time, do just one thing (which annoys everyone including my boss – I am often listening to a movie as well as designing stuff as well as having a conversation with about 4 different people and yes I can keep up with it all) which has already led to people asking me if I’m on speed (got asked this while I was bar-tending once) and have been told I do life in fast forward by my housemate who also said that he’s going to get me one of those retractable leashes when we go shopping together cause I walk like I’m running a marathon and disappear into shops without warning.

So if you ever want to know what being inside my brain is like or anyone with an attention disorder for that matter (though they might experience it differently who knows)… it’s a whole lot like YouTube but with added anxiety attacks, mental blankness, depressive bursts and over stimulation meltdowns not at all unlike the feelings that engulf you when you’re watching a really great video and it gets stuck on “buffering” actually…

I want this tshirt!


8 thoughts on “ADHD is like YouTube on crack

      • You might be on to something there! I used to make t-shirts, bought a press and designs–it was fun. It could be a good little business too. Don’t get me to thinking now, I am distracted enough LOL so much work and now I’m thinking…ya, ASD shirts, I saw some really cool ones…I can do that…NO I CAN’T too busy no time!!! I am terrible at reigning myself in.

  1. So descriptive. It seems like it would be hard to keep up with oneself at the pace you usually go. Reminds me a little bit of myself in the past. There may be a physical component affecting you…I’m wondering about too much copper…also perhaps a blood sugar problem that goes along with hyperness. Thyroid problem?
    I had some of each problem.
    Best wishes for a calmer approach to life.
    Here’s to Your Health!

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