but North is up?

Mom always teases me that if I don’t stop getting tattooed at some point I’m going to look like I’ve been attacked with a wet newspaper and whoever I go to bed with it going to wake up thinking wtf, and as I always tell her – well at least it was a newspaper with pretty pictures and if he’s going to bed with me I’lll be damned if he doesn’t know where all my ink is before we go sleep ;)

Anyway, so the point is that I got more ink.
This was the second session, I was originally planning to only do a post once it was completely done but I’m so in love with it I just have to share.
You’ll see it’s a cover-up though I don’t like that term, I’m not covering it up I’m burying it, the star that was there originally holds some very painful memories and it’s time for those to be put to rest now. The design that is on it now is something I’ve been working on for a while now and have been wanting to get but getting inked isn’t something you should just do on a whim and you shouldn’t go to just anyone.

Clint from Skintrade is doing this one of mine; I send a lot of friends his way and I know his work and his sarcastic humour. Plus I love the floors (sorry, random “insiders” joke). So the design is a little different from what I originally mapped out but I love what we have so far, it’s a combination of his art style and mine.

stencil on

putting the stencil on to make sure the sizing and placement is right

one hour in

one hour in. base line work done

two hours in

two hours in. first session done. needs more crosshatching but lines need to settle before the colour starts getting done

first colour session

first colour session complete! looking stunning so far and i so can’t wait for the end result

I’m going back again next Friday to check it up, if the colour has healed up enough we’ll finish it up else we’ll give it an extra week – in the end it’s going to be sort of a comic book styling (hence the crosshatching) mixed up with watercolour colouring (so not in the lines or shaded like a normal rose) and then there are still little swallow silhouettes that are to fly from the north pointer over my shoulder to my collarbone.

Once it’s completely done I’ll do a post explaining what and why I got it. I’ll explain the reasons behind the star being off a few degrees and the co-ordinates, why the birds and why the quote etc… all things people who have seen it have been asking.


12 thoughts on “but North is up?

      • I haven’t yet had to have more than 1 sitting for my ink and I don’t think that I could – I’m soooo impatient! I want it finished NOW lol :)

      • exactly the same and I suppose i could have done this one in one sitting (only been 4 hours total to it so far) but we do it on fridays casue i finish work earlier and i take fysh with me so we can’t make the sessions too long else he starts getting bored. should be just one more session though. then i go back december/january for any touch ups

      • Ah ok I understand :) It is going to look absolutely amazing once it’s finished – it already does!

      • thanks! keen for the photo of the healed up and finished image, might get a friend to help me take it as not sure i’ll manage haha, bit of an awkward spot to try photograph yourself

    • you do! getting so frustrated with the time it’s taking to finish it up. and of course i went and got sunburned this weekend so have to wait for that to clear up before i can finish up my piece

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