Colour Me Crazy

i was clean

i started off clean!

And we had another colour filled day! But this time with friends and it was more reminiscent of a trance party with its location out at the west coast ostrich farm and the long dusty road sitting in traffic to get to a field parking then the long walk to the actual venue – very trance party haha.

Despite the price of booze and the horrible sunburn I ended up with (thankfully my fresh ink survived both the sun and the paint) it was fantastic. We walked the 5km’s in the midday heat (not clever) with a beer in hand and flipflops on our feet. How 5km should be conquered I think haha!

beer and flipflops

beer, daisy dukes and flipflops… how you conquer 5km in the midday heat

But let me tell you, that beer only lasts about 1.5km at best and then you’re stuck in the heat with your flipflops kicking up sand into your tiny shorts and that midday heat bears down on you and makes the 5km feel a heck load more like 20km…

5km feels like 20km

near the end we started considering cutting the race short

Then again the end result was gorgeous – the photos from one colour fest to the next don’t really change much as you can tell but we had fun and I’m glad I got to spend some time soaking up far too much vitamin D with my “baby” cousin and friend.

colour explosion

5…4…3…2…1… COLOUR

keagz and i

my “baby” cousin who’s 8 years younger than i am but stands 6ftsomething and thinks i’m not uncool despite the age gap ;)

not clean anymore

and this is how you get home… people in the shops looked at me as if they wouldn’t touch me with a ten foot pole!

We got clever at this festival though, we took water bottles and put our paint powder in the water then made a hole in the lid. Instead of throwing paint powder we sprayed paint water on people – the looks we got could have killed when they think you’re just wetting them but when they realise the water is coloured they loved it. Something to remember for the next one, as I’m pretty sure there will be a next one. These things are rather popular these days.

Oh, and maybe wasn’t the best idea going to do shopping after the fest… the looks I got were entertaining I’ll admit.

Also found a new band that I kinda like the sound of, they’re not country but they’re not half bad live and that counts for something. They’re kinda catchy. Apparently they play on the radio pretty often… that would be the downside of my cars radio not working. I don’t get much listening time in.


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