why the SAPS can suck my ****

So you want to know why the abuse statistics in South Africa are so high? It’s cause the SAPS couldn’t give a rats arse about women in that situation.

And no, I’m not talking out my behind. I’m talking out of experience.

Last night my housemates boyfriend (hopefully now ex-boyfriend) refused to leave the property, he got verbally abusive, accusative (is that a word?) and threatening. He was drunk and looking for a fight. He wouldn’t leave after she’d asked him to and it being my property I politely told him to get the fuck off. He wouldn’t.

We phoned the police. She did and then I did. Four phone calls later from two rather frantic women who mentioned to them there is a toddler in the house. Hey, I was all for walking out there and stabbing him till there was nothing left to identify his manipulative Turkish ass – but that probably wouldn’t have been favorable in court so I settled for locking us in the house and calling on the assistance of the police.

Well after waiting for over 30 minutes for them to arrive I set off both the panic alarm and the house alarm. Chubb arrived within 5/7 minutes and helped escort him from the premises. The shit thing with this is that Chubb can’t shove him in the back of a van and take him to the station so that he can be charged and there was the concern the asshole would come back.

AN HOUR! That’s how long it took for the police to arrive after the first phone call made telling them that there is an aggressive and threatening person that would not leave the property. AN HOUR!

What if he’d decided to get physically aggressive? What if he’d decided that he wasn’t going to take my shit and forced his way into the house? I’d have a dead body on my hands I tell you. What if I wasn’t there? What if I wasn’t someone who can hold my own? What if he had a gun?

Thanks SAPS… the next time you decide to publish statistics you know who to point fingers at. Your-fucking-self!


2 thoughts on “why the SAPS can suck my ****

  1. What a horrible experience. Your friend can apply for an immediate family protection order from the court. It means that if this happens again the police have to respond quickly and he’ll spend the night in jail. Getting the order is really quick, you just pop into the magistrate’s court and fill in an affidavit.

  2. I’m so sorry that you and your friend had to go through this! I have no respect for either the SAPS or Metro, and I too am speaking from experience. It’s absolute insanity that a private security company (who yes, you pay for) arrived within minutes of your first phone to them, but the police (who yes, you ALSO pay for) took an hour to respond. Absolutely disgusting.

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