reminding you about #nofilterday

So I did a post the other day about how The Blessed Barrenness and I decided to challenge you (yes you) to join us on November 1st and post your life as it is without the social filter.

I’m talking about regrowth, chipped nail polish, a selfie first thing in the morning (BEFORE make up and showers and caffeine!), the piles of washing and the dishes that weren’t done last night cause you were simply too tired. You know, the tears and tantrums and the scale (okay maybe not the scale) but are you getting what I’m saying?

We looked at each others instagram/facebook/twitter profiles and think “oh I wish I had her life” well here’s throwing “what’s expected” out the damn window. This is like ripping the rose coloured glasses that is the social media filter right off. It’s making you realise that you should be grateful for what you have cause your life is pretty damn awesome, you just see other peoples shit cause it’s filtered out. The grass aint always greener… and when it is it might be a whole lot of fake.

This isn’t so people can judge and point and criticize. It’s just to prove that we aren’t all as perfect as others perceive us to be and as I said, it’s to make us feel less envious and more grateful. Kinda like when you see a celebrity in real life and you realise that she has wrinkles and cellulite, that she goes to the bathroom and eats just like the rest of us, that money and a nice house doesn’t change any of that.

It’s just for a day… are you brave enough?


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