a filter removing epic success

I can’t believe the success of #nofilterday.
I mean really! It was absolutely mind-blowing how many people joined in, what started off as two mommy bloggers challenging others to a day of removing the social filter from their lives turned into a day of raw and deathly honest posts/photos/tweets from a variety of folk from all walks of life.

So many people joined in that we ended up trending the topic on twitter. You heard right, WE TRENDED IT!

trending topicBut more than just trending a topic, it was really heart warming seeing the sense of camaraderie, how people came together and decided to screw the social norms and post so honestly and open. It began with “first thing in the morning” selfies and morphed to posts that brought tears to my eyes and made my heart clench a little. From women opening up about suffering from eating disorders, mood disorders, disorganization, body dysmorphic issues, severe depression… it was amazing beyond words.

Several people have commented that it should be a weekly thing but I think that would be over doing it a little, maybe a monthly thing but most definitely an annual November 1st thing.
And don’t forget, while we were bearing our true selves the men kicked off Movember – it’s a great cause so go get your mo on (even if they do look ridiculous)



3 thoughts on “a filter removing epic success

  1. It was a massive success and I loved the sense of camaraderie and community it created. What surprised me the most was that some people were offended by it and that some people (men mostly) didn’t like the photo’s of real women!
    I agree, weekly is over the top, lets stick with 1st November is official #nofilterday

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