so i need your help. please

The lowdown:

Beau Joubert would really like to bring out an über cool completely with-it limited edition wine label, so who better to ask than the general public to participate in designing an eclectic totally hipster label?
Of course, “hipster” can range anything between moustaches, beards, checkered shirts, skinny jeans, funky typography posters, indie-rock music, counter-culture revolution and progressive politics, and therefore Beau Joubert would like to give a few specifications as to narrow the theme and would thus like you to stick to… well, the wild farm critters on the estate! 

It shouldn’t be as boring as it sounds. It’s your job to make it cool. To have animals on a wine label is one of the top ten international wine label trends at the moment, and it can also be a very hipster thing too. So… Your task as a designer is to create a funky hipster animal wine label for us with one or more of the following farm creatures: Egyptian geese, squirrels, swallows, barn owls, crows, guinea fowl, mongoose, weavers, field mice, pigeons, fish eagles, speckled mousebirds, “rooikat”, falcons and steenbok. 

Quite a few to choose from, right?
The fun part is the fact that your design can be quirky and colorful, or it can be simplistic and make a bold statement.
It’s all up to you.

My submission:

So I ummed and I aahed about what I was going to do for this. The prize is pretty awesome, I think we get some wine and sales commissions but the big reason I entered and would LOVE to win it is because, well, my drawing would be on a wine bottle! That right there is frigging epic. So in the end I chose a swallow and I was contemplating how to go about it and stuck in traffic one day it hit me… what’s the best way to design a wine label? With wine of course! So I convinced my housemate to leave me some wine (not as easy as it sounds) and I used it as a medium (as in I used it as paint) which is also not as easy as it sounds btw because wine doesn’t actually show a colour while you’re painting you have to wait for it to dry before you can see any actual colour. beaujoubertlabelsubmission

Where you come in:

PLEASE would you go and vote for it? Only catch is you have to like their actual facebook page for the vote to count but I don’t think that’s TOO much to ask for right?
If you would be so kind I’d seriously appreciate the support!


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