my very first #DelishBox

A while back I saw something called a bandwagon box – it works a lot like the secret santa concept, you get paired up with someone and you put a gift box together and send it off to them cept that it happens monthly (or bi-monthly) instead of only at Christmas – but when I asked about taking part in it it seems that only the “elite” are allowed to join.
And this is where the #DelishBox comes in! Lipglossed Ninja apparently also wasn’t “elite” enough for the bandwagon box and so the Delish box was born – where ANYONE can join.

Last month (so this month) was my first time joining in and I’m so glad I did!
I got to buy for Ada and tried getting her things that she wanted and I hope she likes it but after receiving my box from Jane I feel like I want to hunt down the postman so I can get my box back and re-do it, but then again I got the vibe that the box I made up suited my person just like this box suits me (hope you like your “box” Ada!)
Jane went all out crafty on my box but what got me the most was the letter that was right on top of all my goodies but I’m not going to share it with you, just know that it was something I needed to hear right now x

Everything in the box came with little notes describing why she added it to the box.
From cream thats smell makes her think of cupcakes, new mascara (which I was thinking just yesterday I need to go and get), the most delish colour of dirty candyfloss pink polish (guess I’ll be doing my nails tonight!), cupcake hairclips and pencils, a headband for when I work on the engines, smarties cause Fysh and I seem to feature them in photos often, cupcake goodies (we’re baking as soon as we get back from camping this weekend), earrings, ticktac’s, a handmade necklace, chocolate… let’s just say I was SPOILED!
#delishboxI love how she opted for the option of filling up the box with lots of little things instead of just a few bigger things (like I did). And this box has totally inspired me for my next box as well as given me a brilliant idea for family/friend xmas gifts. I adore it.

Thank you so so much Jane xxx
PS – if you want an awesome box like mine and want to join in then get in contact with @Lauren_RSA


8 thoughts on “my very first #DelishBox

  1. I love this post and I think the #DelishBox is super Awesome! I took part in the First #DelishBox Last month and I was paired with Loren (@MinkysBlog) and we both spoilt each other :) I am taking part in both the main and Mini #DelishBox. Currently as I am typing this comment I am thinking and planning Lisa-Jade’s (@LisaJadeT) mini #DelishBox ;)

    • I took part in last months as well (hence getting this box haha) and am taking part in this months mini box as well, been paired with Emy and as luck would have it I’m actually heading to paternoster on the 16th so get to hand deliver her box! (means i can spoil a lil more cause i save on postage)

  2. I cannot wait. Am so excited. Have just filled out all the info. Roll on December :)

    It is such a divine idea. So important for us to feel loved and spoilt (for no reason at all) and often it takes someone we don’t know that well, as opposed to a partner, to hit the nail on the head and make us go all mushy.

    LOVED your box x

    • exactly that! i don’t think that even my family would have made up a box as perfect as this, and as i said the letter that was added was just the cake.
      and to get a little something special in the post instead of just bills bills bills is the best. little spoils. it’s nice :)

  3. Yay! I’m SO SO so happy that you like your box!! I’m so glad you didn’t think the letter was too corny or anything weird but really thought you needed it while I was writing it. :)
    So excited to be sending/receiving #Delishboxes I received a divine box from Heather and am making up a mini box for Gaelyn at the moment.
    So excited for Secret Santa as well!!

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