sundays are for art and running on the beach

Not only does Fysh adore fishing with his mamma I love that he also loves drawing with her!
Since I started taking on a few commissioned illustration pieces here and there I’ve been drawing and painting a lot more in the evenings after work, unfortunately this messes with my gym time and means I am feeling *extra* guilty for not going boxing in the past few weeks but it’s cash over boxing right now, sad when you’re put into a situation where finances take precedence over your health… such is life I suppose.

Anyway, Fysh keeps wanting to use my paints and we can’t have that, he’s good but mine are a little pricey to be used willy nilly by a 4 year old so his mamma bought him his very own art set for xmas. Which he unfortunately found early (damn kids are too nosey, it’s like they just know when and where you’re hiding something from them!) and we ended up taking camping with us. 960065_10151722745007175_306701412_n

After an impromptu drawing session we headed to Vredenburg (about 20km away) and dropped off a cupcake for aunty Vonni and then headed to Paternoster (a further 15km or so away) to drop off a cupcake for aunty Emy and have a little fun at the beach clothes and all. It’s a good thing I had spares in the car! 1455073_10151725103727175_1675049229_n


And then of course the nightmare trip home where my car overheated and the topgasket blew. I don’t even want to go into that right now :'(988342_10151725234567175_966005651_n


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