You know, I just had the most fantastic weekend with Fysh and I don’t even feel like blogging about it right now because the entire weekend has this giant shadow over it. Things can never just go right. Gah, I seem to forget my life is bloody cursed.

Car = blown head gasket. I don’t even want to think about how much it’s going to cost to fix or how the fuck I am going to pay for it. I pay damn near R500 a month on insurance and guess what, they don’t cover it. Why the fuck do I pay for insurance?! At this point I’m considering having the damn thing stolen or driving it into a ditch cause apparently that’s covered. Then again They’d probably come up with some excuse about the area it was in isn’t covered or whoops they only cover it xyz time of month not abc. I hate insurance.

Hoping that something, anything really, will come up and things will be okay.
It will all be okay.
I hope.


8 thoughts on “FML

  1. Something will come up. In the mean time carry bottles and bottles of water for your radiator with you. Also don’t go to the fancy schmanzy garages. Ask around for someone in the locations who can do it for you.

    • it’s a closed up system and I don’t have the tools needed to un-close it else I would totally do it myself (qualified to do maintenance and troubleshooting on a diesel motor), I can even make a new headgasket myself. Will see what they’re going to quote me. I’ll be damned if they try con this chicka!

  2. Fingers crossed you get the car fixed without too much financial pain! Here in the UK (and I’m sure worldwide) if you’re a female going in to a garage, they rub their hands gleefully, thinking they can rip you off! Damn insurance too. Maybe it’s time to move to a different company.

    • they can put those greedy hands away, this female will not be nilly wagged into paying exuberant amounts just cause she’s female. damn sexist scavengers i tell you. yeah, need to look at new insurance

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