i got it!

Soon my drive back from Paternoster I think I finally figured out where my love for all things Southern come from… growing up on the west coast (both in SA and in Nam)

The west coast is about as redneck as you can get without actually living in Texas.
The farmlands and the long roads beautiful but empty roads between widely spaced little sleepy farm town. The heavy accent, though it’s not the hot texan twang or southern drawl the west coast has an accent all of it’s own here, particularly when you talk to the fishermen on the coast or the farmers. That afrikaans is a dialect all on it’s own. The countless stars at night, the bakkies instead of cars. The braai parties…

A friend from Texas pointed out that she thinks I’m almost more redneck than she is… haha. Now if only I could get me a rancher with the accent to match (the southern one not the weskus one btw)
Big big world, and yet so small and similar at the same time. paternoster


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