hello kitty

So my trip to Paternoster yesterday for the wedding I photographed ended up with me adopting a kitty from the Paternoster animal shelter.
Let me tell you this though, driving home from Paternoster to Cape Town (roughly 200-ish km) with a kitten sleeping (and occasionally mewing) in your neck is a rather interesting feat for someone with severe allergies. I looked something like a drug addict by the time I got home!kitten

Oh yeah, and that neck sleeping thing. That’s kitties “thing” it would seem. If it can get into your neck it’s going to sleep there. But in a cute way cause it rubs it’s head under your chin and purrs like there’s no tomorrow. It’s annoying but oh so cute. sleepy kitty

Now of course it needs a name. I think he’s a he but I might be wrong, he could most definitely be a she as well.
Names that have been suggested include: batkitty, yoko, pagan, cute kitty, jill, fidget, tux, tuxedo.
Names that our household has suggested: birdy (me), widget (tash), pakah (fysh)

Maybe I should do a little vote on the name giveaway kinda thing. It needs to be something clever, never been a fan of naming my animals something plain like Max. I mean I have a dog name Lady Joonbug (she was plain old June when we adopted her) and a headgehog named Mr Pricklesworth. So you see… Kinda needs to be quirky.
Mmm… What kinda prize should we do though.


One thought on “hello kitty

  1. AWWW! I want another kitty! My geezers Chester & Maddie probably would disagree, especially Chester. I rather like the name Fidget.

    Yes, my cats names are boring (and the dog is Jack – yawn!!) but Chester ate a Cheetoh that hubby dropped right after I brought him home, so it’s actually better than “Kevin” that he was called at the Humane Society! Maddie is short for Madison – her name at the H.S.

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